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Ancient Manuscripts | Mixed Media | Sandy Knapp
Ancient Manuscripts


Sandy loves the sense of mystery left in a painting, not spelling out each detail but using a layering process of fluid acrylic paint along with mediums, sand and other materials. She likes creating texture and using symbolism, leaving enough space for the viewer to create their own stories. Her art work expresses a whisper, a glimpse, a fragment, a meditating thought, just as each moment of our lives are but a small glimpse into the whole.

She views her art as a life journey, thinking of it as a process and not necessarily as interested in the outcome, trying to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination. Sandy says “I find that life is like that. I try to focus on the present rather than looking too far behind or too far ahead. The battles of life seem to happen between my ears and painting is a way to put physical expression to my thought processes.”

Encaustic painting which is colored beeswax has peaked an interest in Sandy in the past 5 years of her 30 painting years. She is currently exploring this wonderful medium as well as pursuing her abstract acrylic paintings.

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