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Patricia Davenport

Four Pears | Oil on Panel | 6x6" | Patricia Davenport
Four Pears

Patricia graduated from NIU with a BFA in Graphic design. She worked in the field four years until developing her portrait business.

Patricia has painted portraits for twenty years in the Chicago area. Her technique developed from pastel and charcoal portraits, to watercolor and eventually oil painting.

Since moving to Ann Arbor in 2011, she has been a board member of the Huron River Art collective and manager of the life drawing group at the Jackson Road studio space. Patricia has counted figure drawing as one of her most important practices and continues to hone her craft.

For the past few years, Patricia has studied still life oil painting. The subjects are painted from life, mostly fruits and flowers; and Patricia has worked hard at her alla prima technique. She has had a lot of public interest when exhibiting her small still life oil paintings at various venues in Ann Arbor.

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