Chelsea Painters

More Than the Sum of Our Parts #2

Chelsea Painters "More Than the Sum of Our Parts" exhibit at Riverside Arts Center during October, 2009
Chelsea Painters exhibit, “More Than the Sum of Our Parts”, at Riverside Arts Center during October, 2009

On October 3, 2009 the Chelsea Painters group attended a reception for their exhibit More Than the Sum of Our Parts at the Riverside Arts Center in Ypsilanti, MI.

The theme selected for this exhibit speaks to the diversity and creativity of the Chelsea Painters membership. A group photo was taken and blown up to nearly life -sized proportions.  It was cut apart like a giant puzzle.  Each member painted the puzzle piece containing their image, in their own painting style.  When all the pieces were finished, the giant puzzle was put back together.  All of the individual paintings came together to create an enormous puzzle-piece painting of the group.

Besides the large, freestanding puzzle-piece group portrait, each member contributed two other figurative pieces for the show.  It made for a very creative and well-received group exhibit, and members look forward to developing other creatively-themed exhibits in the future.

This exhibit will be on show again at the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, MI in 2011.

The Chelsea Painters members are much like an extended family and the theme of this show demonstrated that when united toward one goal, they are truly “More than the Sum of Our Parts”.

Pictures of the Oct 3rd Reception: