Chelsea Painters

More Than the Sum of Our Parts #1

This themed exhibit is in the main gallery at the Riverside Arts Center Oct 1 – 31, 2009. The Chelsea Painters has created a group-self-portrait as its centerpiece that is 60 x 130”.  Like a jigsaw puzzle, each member produced a self-portrait piece, in their own unique painting style, which fits into the final portrait. To fill out the rest of the 2600 square foot gallery, each member has chosen work that complements their individual self-portraits.

Laying out the portraits, then gluing them down:

More Than the Sum of Our Parts
More Than the Sum of Our Parts

1st Row L-R:  Joyce Grace, Toni Stevenson, Mary Thiefels, Joan Plohr, Gwyn McKay, Bill Knudstrup
2nd Row L-R:  Mae Hostetler, Madeleine Vallier, Barb Anderson, Nancy Feldkamp, Barbara MacKellar, Karen Miller, Ilona Brustad, Janice Stevens Botsford
3rd Row L-R:  Stephanie Kolman, Jane Farrell, Jim Clark, Corinne Vivian, Mike Hahn, Lois Lovejoy, Teresa Freed, Barbara Gilbert, Dee Overly, Sandy Knapp, Ruth Ann Weber