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June Mower | Watercolor | Lois Lovejoy
June Mower

Lois Lovejoy grew up in rural Pennsylvania, has lived on both coasts and now calls the Midwest home. Her painting, which evolved from her career as a graphic artist and book illustrator, explores the seasonal changes in landscape. The images she sees repeated through yearly cycles in the surrounding countryside and in memories of places she’s lived take on new meaning as they are transformed by the passage of time. She uses watercolor and pastel to recreate the texture, color and spirit of places she loves.

Her work, some of which is in private collections, can be viewed in Michigan juried exhibitions and the annual June Chelsea Painters Fair. Lois is a member of the Ann Arbor Women Artists, the Michigan Watercolor Society, the Ann Arbor Area Pastelists and the Great Lakes Pastel Society.

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