Chelsea Painters

“Chaos to Order” Workshop: Oct 2010

Chelsea Painters invite you to a fabulous workshop with instructor Kathleen Conover on Oct. 22-26, 2012 in Chelsea, MI.

Design and composition: that evasive element that elevates a painting from ordinary to award-winning is the main focus of this class. Whether you are a representational painter or totally abstract, a beginner or advanced, strengthening your design and composition skills will help you create dynamic artwork. Kathleen uses demonstrations, lectures, handouts, directed exercises, and individual attention to help artists’ understanding of new information and processes.

At home or in the studio, most artists work alone so it is also important to be your own critic. Kathleen can show you how to see your work with “new eyes”, identify problems and manipulate the design tools for your personal creative plan.

Participants will build traditional skills as well as explore and experiment with a variety of painting techniques as she shares her knowledge of materials and methods of working in watercolor and mixed water-media. Specific lessons on finding new compositions, value studies, design principles and elements, texture building, layering and more will be presented. Bring your sense of adventure for this high-energy, fully-packed workshop.