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Carolyn Weins in Legacy of the Land Exhibit

"Rolling Hills", Pastel by Carolyn Weins
“Rolling Hills”, Pastel by Carolyn Weins

Carolyn Weins had 3 paintings accepted into theĀ Legacy of the Land Through Art, a mixed media juried exhibition opened to artists in Washtenaw and Jackson counties, areas where the Legacy Land Conservancy has protected properties.The project celebrates the benefits we receive through our connection to the land around us.

The paintings will be on display at:
Matthaei Gardens October 12-November 11, 2013
andĀ Sandhill Crane Vineyards February 1-March 9, 2014

All art will be for sale at the venues and online, either at fixed price or by auction. Auction closes at end of show, March 9. 50% of the sale price goes to the artists and 50% to the Conservancy and is tax-deductible.