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Botsford in the ADAPT Exhibit

Two mixed media pieces created by Chelsea Painters member, Janice Stevens Botsford, are in the Ella Sharp Museum’s ADAPT Exhibition, a virtual show that explores interpretations of what adaption looks like to artists in the COVID-19 era.  Congrats, Janice!

Lockdown | Mixed Media | Janice Botsford

“Art disturbs the comfortable, and comforts the disturbed……”

“I was very moved upon hearing a recent radio interview with a man who is a “lifer”, incarcerated in Michigan during this time of our own sequestering for safety due to the pandemic. Becoming aware of the overcrowded living conditions in prison, the inevitable likelihood of large numbers of inmates contracting COVID-19, and their very real fear of dying from this horrible disease was immensely disturbing. Are all of us responsible for allowing the massive spread in that setting? How can people in that setting adapt? And on which side of the fence are we, sequestered too, as we try to deal with the pandemic and its irreversible consequences? Even apart, we should support each other in whatever way we can.”

We're all in This Together | Mixed Media | Janice Botsford
We’re All in This Together

“The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the globe together in an unprecedented way. We have been forced to realize that we, as humans all face the same uncertainty and fear of death from COVID-19. We must support one another to deal with societal realities together, find answers for all the complex problems that the pandemic challenges us to resolve.

These mixed media pieces are an attempt to challenge the viewer to contemplate these issues.”

You can view the entire exhibit on the Ella Sharp website.  A physical exhibit is planned for later this year.

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