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Bill Knudstrup founding partner of Dancing Dog Gallery

"Kneeling In The Surf, Oil by Bill Knudstrup
“Kneeling In The Surf, Oil by Bill Knudstrup

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Bill is a local, Ypsilanti, artist who works in oil paint to create energy on many levels; visually, emotionally, intellectually and instinctively.  Just as a Michael Jackson music video is a complex combination of music, visual elements, story telling and poetry a painting can have the complex appeal of color, line, composition/design and subject. This union of energies produces an artwork that has a substantial presence. His paintings produce the impression of a specific time and place while the subject matter plays on timeless memories.

Some of Bill Knudstrup’s favorite subjects are children playing at the beach and in the water. This is because they stir memories of his own childhood spent on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Dancing Dog Gallery
302 E. Liberty St.
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