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Barbara MacKellar – In Memory

Barbara MacKellar
Barbara MacKellar

Barbara Joan MacKellar passed away peacefully at the age of 88 in her home on December 30, 2020 following a brief illness. She was born February 24, 1932 in Galesburg, Michigan to Winnefred W. and Elden H. Burgess.

Barbara is survived by her three sons, Michael, Mark, and David MacKellar; daughter-in-law, Christina Rauer MacKellar; and three grandchildren, Branden, Jesse and Cassandra MacKellar, all of Ann Arbor, Michigan; and her sister, Brenda Hill of Galesburg, Michigan. Barbara was preceded in death by her youngest sister, Judy (Hakes) Nielson. Her husband of 62 years, Forrest A MacKellar, passed two days after Barbara.

Vestige | Acrylic | 29x39" | Barb MacKellar

She enjoyed playing golf and also playing cards with her friends from the Tecumseh Women’s Golf Association at the Tecumseh Country Club in Tecumseh, Michigan of which she was a member for several years.

Barbara held degrees in Art Graphics and Art Education from Stephens College and Western Michigan University.

Xanadu | Acrylic | Barbara MacKellar

She was an award winning experimental artist with a background in commercial design and technical illustration. She worked in mixed media, tiles and encaustics. She received many awards over the years and her work has been represented in numerous private and corporate collections. She based her work on the visual language of color, texture and symbols. Barbara’s goal was always to create a sense of mystery that the viewer can interpret with their own personal experiences and memories.

Barbara was a lifetime member of Chelsea Painters. She was also a member of the Ann Arbor Womens Artists and the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Members of Chelsea Painters give honor to Barbara with Portraits.

  • Pastel by Marty Walker
    Pastel by Marty Walker