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Barb Anderson

Linear Texture | Acrylic | 30 x 24" | Barb Anderson
Linear Texture

Barb Anderson is an artist whose work is often playful and nothing she paints is as it seems. Her quirky houses and vases are people who cluster and are all flawed as we all are. Currently she is working with acrylics using vibrant colors on whatever surface seems appropriate.Barbara has advanced degrees in special education and she gets inspiration from her work with people who view the world differently from the ‘norm’. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the rich tapestry of hills, valleys, and old houses perched on hills has influenced her love of the implausible.

Barbara has been in numerous exhibits and won several awards as well as being involved in one and two person exhibits. Her work can be seen in the permanent collection of the University of Michigan Hospital, Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI and at the Chelsea Painters Annual Art Fair in Chelsea, MI. Barbara has lived in Ann Arbor for over 25 years.

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