Susan Clinthorne

'Energy Lines', Acrylic

‘Energy Lines’, Acrylic

Susan Clinthorne works in many mediums including pastel, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture and installation art. Her artwork is autobiographical in the sense that she shares her childhood love of animals, summers at the lake and her seasoned love of travel. Her work often utilizes fractured color and dramatic use of line. Through her art, she hopes to spark an interest in and generate surprise by what lies hidden from the casual observer.

Since receiving her BFA from Eastern Michigan University in 2004, Susan has won several awards and has been an active member of many art organizations including Chelsea Painters, Ann Arbor Women Artists, Ann Arbor Area Pastelists and Great Lakes Pastelists.

For many years, she has taught art at several different venues including classes in Ann Arbor and  programs abroad. She currently teaches “Family Art Workshops” at University of Michigan Museum of Art. For years, Susan has worked in collaboration with her sister, Sally Thielen, on large scale installation art concerning social issues. These grant funded art installations have been displayed at ArtPrize as well as all over Michigan.


To learn more about Susan and see examples of her work visit:


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2 responses to “Susan Clinthorne”

  1. Hello Susan
    This is my second time writing to you. I work at the Chelsea community hospital and I am very interested in one of your pieces that was on display there earlier this year. It would’ve been in the winter of 2018 or early 2019. I recall that because it was before the Chelsea Art fair in June of this year.
    It was a picture of a cat on a sofa staring at a goldfish in a fishbowl. I believe it was titled ‘cat dreams’, I would like to purchase this paining if it is still available. Could you please respond so I know its status.
    Thank you and have a blessed day.
    Warmest Regards.
    Laureen McGuire

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